PamPinay: A Bayanihan Spirit

PamPinay is a collection of high-quality wearable art that showcases one hundred percent Filipino made crafts aimed to promote social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and responsible branding through the playful illustration of funny Filipino habits and traits in the pop art genre. Conceptualized and created during the height of the Covid-19 global pandemic by two Filipina artists based in Europe, Pamela Gotangco and Christian Belaro.

The materials for the collection will include weaving from the various indigenous women in the Philippines. The first collection will feature various weaving from Cordillera region in the Philippines. Weaving is an essential part of the culture in Cordillera region in the Philippines, which should be highlighted for its genuine and gorgeous craftsmanship. Moreover, this venture will support the livelihood of our brothers and sisters in Cordillera as well as help preserve their remarkable culture and way of life. The designs are limited edition.

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