Cool or Hot Wax

Soft, smooth, and hairless underarms achieved with Kiss Wax Hair Remover

No need to worry about the chemicals! The wax is made of all-natural ingredients such as honey, sugar, water, and lemon!

Cold wax is easy to apply to your skin. It is also capable of sticking easily even to the tiniest of your hair. It is also less painful to use compared to other waxes.

Buh-bye to all the annoying stress you need to feel just to get rid of unwanted hair.  All you need is cold wax and some baby powder and you can get smooth and kissable skin.

Prefer waxing with strips? The All-in-One Hair Remover is the one for you!

Our Hot Wax is easy to use! Heat the tub and start getting rid of those unwanted hairs!

NOTE: Hot wax includes 2 spatulas and 8 wax strips.