Cavite Excelsa (12 oz Bag)

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Cavite Excelsa (12 oz Bag)

Full Medium Brown / Full City-420°F~440°F

Our 12 oz bags are special ordered to sport a one-way valve to maintain maximum freshness! Removing as much air as possible from the bag will extend your coffee's shelf-life and preserve flavor.

Process: Natural + Hand Sorted
Our Favorite Roast: Full City
Flavors: Tart Fruits, Chocolate, Cream

Excelsa, a species DIFFERENT than traditional Arabica. It is known for its smoother, rounder shape and bold taste. We’ve been using this for our Cold Brew and it has been pretty *chef’s kiss*, but this won’t be the main replacement of what we’ve been sharing with you guys.

We want to use this platform to express that this species, Excelsa, throughout the years, has formed into the tradition of it being considered as Barako. This was formed dependently on where this was being grown geographically. To our understanding, Barako is exclusively Liberica, considering the fact of its origins back home in Lipa, Batangas, Philippines. We are always open to the conversation, should you feel otherwise.

Origin bio on the way.

Geography: Cavite, Philippines
Variety: Excelsa
Altitude: 300-500 masl (984-1,640 ft)
Elevation: 1,500 ft above sea level

Harvest 2020



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