Patchi-patchi Gumamela Short Kimono


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Patchi-patchi Gumamela Short Kimono  (Free Size)

This piece is a collaboration between Filipina designers in Europe, master artisans in Abra and seamstresses and embroiderers in Metro Manila. This elegant and versatile piece is a combination of patchwork of several Binakol handwoven textiles. On the back is a flower design endemic to the Philippines. It could be frangipanni or hibiscus. The flower is an original PGotangco creation.

PamPinay is made by women in their homes in depressed areas of Metro Manila. This philosophy is the foundation of PamPinay social project. To give income opportunities for women to work from home.

Limited edition, classic and versatile. Short Kimono-inspired light jacket features Binakol handwoven fabric by the master artisans in Abra. It is one size with comfortable and loose-fit styling. The back features an original artwork translated digitally to fabric using no-fade heat sublimation printing in duchess fabric.
This piece is a combination of Binakol, denim and duchess fabric. Itneg tribe in the Philippines believed that the geometric and psychedelic patterns employed in weaving Binakol wards off evil spirits. To provide design continuity, embroidery of mountain representation was applied between Binakol and denim fabric in the front panel.

Binakol ( 60% cotton, 40% polyester)
Duchess (100% polyester)
Soft Denim (Cotton)


Designed in Switzerland, digitized in U.K. but made in the Philippines, shipped from the U.S.

Shipping: With Tracking Number
Ready to Wear Apparel 


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