Reversible Sleeveless Shirt Bag

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Product Overview

Reversible Sleeves Shirt can be used as a tote bag. Unisex. Adult or Teens can use it.

One of a kind. Limited quantity.
A Multi-purpose shirt bag, and can be used for the following purpose:

A gym bag, beach bag, leisure bag, shopping bag, anywhere bag.
Soft, comfortable, sturdy, stretchable, convenient bag and the best thing is that you can wear the bag. 

  • Design pattern or solid color
  • You can use a carabiner to hang it anywhere. (I usually hang it on the chainlink fence)
  • Washable - Machine or by hand
  • 90% Polyester and made from recycled material
This idea came to me when I was an active teenager, I was in track & field and playing basketball teams.  I usually stuffed it my basketball, dry shirt, towel, wallet, keys, snacks, bottled water, and more.

Modeled by: Ysabela Loyola, Janice Jimenez and Chef Angel Quinsay - Thank you ladies!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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