Jasmine Cloud Candle

Bodhi's Light

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Inspired by our son's deeply multicultural roots, Bodhi is pleased to present Jasmine Cloud!

Jasmine is used extensively throughout Thailand in buddhist ceremonies and to celebrate the pure, innocent, and unconditional love between mother and child. Sampaguita, the word for Jasmine in Tagalog, is the national flower of the Philippines. The fragrant flower symbolizes purity, simplicity, humility, and strength, which we could all use in our day to day lives!

Bodhi has both Thai and Filipino roots, giving him a unique exposure to the beauties of life! Part of that beauty is enjoying the fragrant flowers of his home countries. Jasmine is revered as a healing flower with it's rich, pure, and enticingly sweet aroma. Lighting this candle is like a walk through the fragrant temples in Thailand or being gifted a garland around ones neck in the Philippines.

We are honored to share this special flower’s fragrance with you to celebrate Bodhi's cultural roots as well as his purity, humility, and deep love for his mama!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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