Crisp Calamansi Candle

Bodhi's Light

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Product Overview

Inspired by his Filipino culture and roots, Bodhi is pleased to bring you Crisp Calamansi.

Calamansi is a delicious little citrus fruit used in numerous traditional Filipino recipes. One of dad’s and Bodhi’s favorites is fresh squeezed Calamansi juice from Lolo’s (grandpa’s) tree in his backyard. Bodhi loves running little circles around the Calamansi tree, picking the fruit, and giggling with his Lolo. Dad loves the sugary, sweet, and tart scent of the fresh squeezed juice made by Lola (grandma).

Now you too can enjoy these sweet moments with our latest offering. The tangy, citrusy, and crisp flavor delivers an energizing and tantalizing scent that is sure to kickstart your day or freshen any room! Lolo and Lola approved!

We are now honored and grateful to share this precious piece of Bodhi’s culture and roots with you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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