Morning Coffee Candle

Bodhi's Light

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Product Overview

Inspired by the vibrant energy our son has each morning upon waking, Bodhi is pleased to bring you Morning Coffee!

Being a parent and working too can be tough! Thankfully being a baby isn't! Each morning Mr. Bodhi wakes up full of spritely energy to tackle the day, and that's without the mandatory morning cup of joe. This energy gets us going and ready to help Bodhi play, learn, and grow!

Morning Coffee is dedicated to the moms, dads, and go getters out there that face each new day with excitement and wonder for what it may bring. With hints of chocolate and vanilla, this candle finishes strong with the scent of freshly roasted arabica coffee beans.

Each candle will transport you to your favorite coffee shop or adventure through the coffee filled mountains of Arabia! Mommy poured, Bodhi approved!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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